Popular Attractions in Bangkok

Attractions in Bangkok lays along Chao Phraya River as where Bangkok city was developed. Petit Hostel Bangkok is located in the Chao Phraya riverside which lays Thailand historical and cultural attraction in Bangkok. In the past years, before carriages and cars were imported to Thailand, river and canals were Bangkok main traffic. Therefore, you can visit famous and cultural attractions in Bangkok easily from here in various methods; boat, bus or by walking too.

Grand Palace


Grand Palace or Wat Prageaw is one the most popular place in Bangkok. Just take 2 ferry boats. It would cost you THB 20.- and around 40 mins including waiting for ferry.

Wat Pho

wat pho bangkok

Wat Pho is where reclining Buddha is. It’s next to Grand Palace, so just 2 ferry from us and 5 mins walk. It takes you around THB 20 and 50 mins.

Wat Arun

wat arun

Wat Arun is across Chao Phraya river from Grand Palace. You could take 2 ferry boats as going to Grand Palace, or you could take a taxi which takes around 10 mins and around THB 100.

China Town

thailand china town

China Town is the most popular place in Thailand street food. It located just opposite side of the river. So, just take free ferry from here. Boom! tons of street food waiting for you.


Icon siam

Iconsiam is a new fancy department store. There are various staff since luxury brands to Thai local food show at Ground floor. Just take a 2 mins walk from here! 

Siam Area

siam area bangkok

Siam area are Bangkok’s most famous shopping area, there are small gift to the creative staff from Thai artist. Just take a ferry and BTS to Siam. It could cost you around THB 50 and 40 mins.

The Jam Factory - Art Exhibition

jam factory bangkok

Jam Factory is an art exhibition space for Thai Artist on weekend, and on weekdays it’s alternative writer bookstore and coffee shop.

Tha Din Daeng Street food​

Tha dindaeng street food

Tha Din Daeng is Chinese-Thai culture area for more than hundreds years. In the night, there are various kind of Bangkok street food that you can enjoy.

Lhong 1919

lhong 1919 bangkok

Lhong 1919 is a heritage with Chinese – Siamese style, historical building from 1850 as a Chinese oversea merchant, newly renovated for tourist attraction.

Goose and duck by Mr.Suntorn

ห่าน เป็ดพะโล้ เจริญนคร

Goose and duck by Mr.Suntorn is very famous among Thai people, as a genuine and cheap price for a tasty goose.

Bualoy Kaiken in Klongsarn Market

บัวลอยไข่เค็ม ตลาดคลองสาน

Buoloy Kaikem is a Thai sweet which is mini rice ball in coconut milk with salty egg york.Bualoy Kaikem in Klongsarn Market is also very famous for Thai people. 

Thai Pan cake in front of Suwan Temple

ขนมเบื้อง Thai pancake

Thai Pancake with cream and sweet egg york or Thai famous snack for Bangkok people. 

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